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CS of South Florida, Inc is a Florida based corporation in the machinery and equipment wholesale and export, incorporated as an affiliate of foreign parent company MC Construccion, C.A . The company is located at 3750 NW 114th Ave, Suite 2 Doral, FL 33178. Founded on November 8th. 2013, MC Construccion, C.A is a leader in the construction and engineering industry in her native Venezuela since incorporation. The company, through its visionary approach, has developed a unique portfolio of products and services combining all engineering, architectural and contract services under one roof for a one stop solution. By combining the diverse talents of their team, MC Construccion, C.A is the pioneer to integrate a complete offer of innovative services developing, managing and delivering a unique array of services for all its clients, private, corporate and governmental.


Based on customers needs, trends and feedback, MC Construccion, C.A management explored the industrial machinery and equipment industry looking for opportunities to establish ann affiliate company with products and services tailored to corporate, in the private, public and governmental sectors.



CS Group of South Florida, Inc vision is to become one of the leaders in the Machinery and Equipment Wholesale industry with a comprehensive array of products and services tailored to our customer's needs to position itself as the top choice of the Maintenance, Repair, Operating and Production (MROP) Supplies, products and services.


CS Group of South Florida, Inc will accomplish its vision by foreseeing and exceeding customers and client expectations with the highest standards, products, and services. We will use the synergy among our business units to explore and capitalize on new opportunities. We will differentiate ourselves with superior product knowledge, dedication to exceptional customer service and flexibility in providing solutions for our customers will foster our culture of integrity, efficiency, and adaptability through our valued associates and employees.

Through its long-term commitment to this mission, CS Group of South Florida, Inc. will be recognized as a major player in the MORP industry constantly innovating on products and services by offering the best solutions to today's customer needs.

In carrying out our day-to-day business we will:

• Innovate to cope with the demanding Machinery and equipment industry.

• Client first, Products portfolio, Revenue generation philosophy.

• Provide quality and excellent products and services at competitive rates.

• Best price-value ratio in the South Florida marke

PRODUCTS & Services

CS Group of South Florida, Inc. will offer a list of products and services for its customers, segmented as follows:

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Contact Us

8600 NW 56 Street, Bay 3

Miami, Florida 33172

Lightweight products

Lightweight products include abrasives, strapping, tapes, inks, industrial containers and supplies, mechanical power transmission supplies, industrial valves and fittings, bushings and bearings, Other products include tools, motors, fasteners, and cleaning supplies

Major and Heavyweight Machinery

Major and Heavyweight Machinery such as pumps and engines, oil well, oil refinery, and pipeline machinery, industrial machinery, including water treatment equipment, and material handling equipment.. Other products include manufacturing machinery, machine tools, and oil field equipment.

Brokerage trade services

Brokerage trade services to private and governmental entities to locate special orders as per customer specifications and needs.

Consulting services

Consulting services in the industrial machinery market, by application:

• Agriculture

• Construction

• Packaging

• Food Processing

• Mining

• Semiconductor Manufacturing

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